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Certificate of Excellence

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Queens, NYC
As a frequent, lone traveler and visitor of Burlington, I am always looking for new places to grab some tasty grub while enjoying an adult beverage at - what i hope is - a cool bar. The day I decided to stop into Church & Main, I was exposed to both. As typical I sat at the bar and was greeted by the bartender, Sam. He provided the usual guide through the establishment's features and took my food order. The meal was good and has been with each visit, but what has continued to keep Church & Main at the top of my "must visit" list is the bar experience. Little did i know that when Sam asked what type of drink I liked on my first visit that i would get to witness one of the best 'mixology' sessions I've ever seen - followed by a spot on beverage tailored to my tastes. With each visit to Church & Main since, Sam (and fellow bartender, Nick) have created some really amazing drinks with a process that I've seen captivate bar patrons. Church & Main is a great place to dine...solid menu and superb bar experience!!
Lizzie P

Burlington, VT
I have to admit that I don't even bother with tables at Church & Main because Sam and Nick behind the bar are the real reason I go. Don't get me wrong, the food is always fantastic, a number of steps up from something you could do yourself, but never crossing into pretentious or any questionable pairings. The variety is nice and the portions are perfect. But again, the bar is my reason for going. Why? Aside from the array of inventive, classic and high quality cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks the service from Sam and Nick is beyond compare in Burlington. They take the time to get to know anyone who takes a seat to join them for an evening, they pay attention to all even when the bar is full, but more importantly they truly care that you have the best experience possible. Treat yourself to an evening at the bar at Church & Main - just don't take my seat.

Burlington, VT
My daughter and I enjoyed an excellent meal and cherished one-on-one time at this cozy and intimate spot. Our salads, entrees and dessert - greens, scallops, salmon and key lime pie - were delicious and creatively presented. This was our third or fourth visit and we'll be back!

Montpelier, VT
Comfortable setting, great food, super drinks and wine choices. New chef is doing some wonderful things - we had duck, salmon and chicken - creative and delicious. Two amazing desserts - a "deconstructed" key lime pie and a chocolate surprise that I can't describe but loved. Service is a really important factor in enjoying a meal. Our server was incredibly knowledgeable and professional - friendly and well-informed and the timing was perfect. Prices seemed right for food and drinks of this quality.

Boston, MA
Our party of four had a wonderful first-time experience here on a recent Saturday night. It was quiet when we arrived at 6:30, but was quite busy by 7. The noise level was never too much, and conversation was easy. The food was uniformly delicious, from the locally-sourced cheese board starter to the entrees (salmon, filet, potato gnocchi special)to the desserts (strawberry shortcake, key lime pie, berry bread pudding). The service was very attentive without being overbearing. We would not hesitate to either return to or recommend this restaurant.
Brian M

Burlington, VT
This is a favorite spot for me and my wife. The atmosphere is small and quaint, yet there is still room for a bigger party (I'd call ahead though). The meals are A+. Several wines to choose from along with "wine on tap". For dessert, if you are a chocolate fan, you gotta go with Chocolate Bliss. My wife and I live in Burlington. This is a top spot for us. (Tyler is an A+ waiter as well.)
Patrick B
Beverly Hills, CA
Best cocktails in the city and the Brit bartender is probably the most skilled bartender that the area has to offer. The British bartender is world class. Not to knock the other bartender, but this guy seriously knows what he is doing. Belongs in a restaurant and city twice as nice. Go here to get drunk and enjoy a college kid-free atmosphere. The reason why there are often vacancies is because it's not a tourist trap (Leunig's/Sweetwater's/Farm House) and the food is priced out of the reach of college students and cheap French Canadians looking for a bargain. It's not overpriced, but priced for adults, which is ideal because it's hard to find refuge from the rampant immaturity demonstrated in almost every other bar this town has. Service is fantastic. Really attentive, not pretentious, but still extremely professional. They have timing down perfect on food arrival, giving just enough pause between courses to digest and relax a bit before jumping into the next dish. Love the intimate atmosphere here and I should add they are also accommodating to people with dietary restrictions.
Jason J

Montpelier, VT
First of all, I love a restaurant named after its location and you can find Church and Main, well, on the corner of Church and Main Streets. There has been a good deal of turnover with establishments at this location but upon my first visit there the other day I hope it stays so I can enjoy other items on the menu. Inside you will find seating at the bar and along the side window. There are tables in the back of the restaurant. Finally, there is outside seating. If the weather is just right, nothing beats sitting outside on Church Street to dine. The staff set up a table for my party by making room for a new space. I felt a little like Henry Hill in Goodfellas, where, snap, a table pops up in a primo spot just because I arrived. Food: For an appy, I had the "Point Judith Calamari," which was dusted with rice flour and bathed in a delicious ginger sweet chili glaze. This was a unique presentation of calamari and one of the best I've had in Vermont (the best, IMHO, is "Fred's Calamari" at Julio's in Montpelier (I don't know who Fred is but I'd love to shake his hand and thank him...I digress...)). For supper I enjoyed one of the specials for the evening: the pan seared trout served with a cold potato/green bean salad. The trout was spectacular. I was making the male equivalent of Sally from When Harry Met Sally sounds while eating the trout and all these theatrics marginalized the cold salad from my palette's radar. Price: An appy, the trout special, and two vodka tonics later I'm in for about $55. While a little on the pricey side the quality and presentation of the food is manifest. I can't wait to go back!
April B
Burlington, VT
I went to Church and Maine for the first time last night with my boyfriend and his parents who were visiting from New York. The experience was fantastic! Delicious and complex dishes, top shelf cocktails, an impressive wine list, and a cozy yet classy atmosphere. I ordered the steak tartar, caesar salad, and free range chicken. The steak tartar, and chicken were cooked to perfection, but the caesar could have used a little work. While the flavor was nice, the texture of the dressing, and the choice of romaine lettuce used could have been better. I had a glass of red (the sienna) with dinner, which was a tasty and smooth choice for the meal, I was impressed. I also ordered an old fashioned appetizer cocktail which was executed perfectly with makers and nicely muddled fruit (a rarity!). This was the closest dining experience I've had that compares to what I am used to in San Francisco since I moved to Burlington. I will definitely be back, and feel confident that I can rely on Church and Main for a fine dining experience whenever I'm in the mood. I was so happy we took the parents here, they loved the meal as well! Thanks Church and Main!
Summer T

Oakland, CA
Cuisine & presentation rivals some of the best San Francisco establishments. Add in the incredibly friendly, attentive, knowledgeable service staff, with not even a hint of pretension-- it might just beat some of our best rated. I had the oyster & caviar small plate. The oysters came topped with creme fraiche & a dollop of sturgeon caviar. Perfection- ratios of flavor & taste were completely balanced. Oysters were sweet & ideally sized. I also had the caesar which was the perfect combination of the familiarity of chain restaurant caesar & super high-end, very anchovy-centric caesar salads complete with homemade croutons. The steak tartare was presented as a lovely meat puck with plenty of pickly capers & the other stuff that gets mixed into steak tartare. Grilled bread instead of toasted is always my preference. The shredded potato threads on top were unnecessary. Still delicious. I finished with the chocolate mousse which was heavy on the sweet/light on richness for my taste. The 2 staff people I interacted with were--in addition to being almost painfully petite-- entirely charming, attentive & sweet. (Thanks Alex!)